Internet Marketing

If you build a website, customers will come to it.  But sometimes they don’t arrive as fast as you’d like.  Or in as great of numbers as you’d like.  Or it’s not quite the right customers who are coming.

This is where internet marketing comes in.

Internet marketing is a crucial part of a successful business website.  Not only does it increase your traffic, but it can help bring more qualified traffic.  There’s people out there searching for a business exactly like yours, but without proper marketing, they may never find you.

Of course, internet marketing (or inbound marketing) is a broad term.  There are a variety of internet marketing services we provide.

SEO and SEM Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that’s been around for quite a while, and because of that, it has a bit of a reputation.

The basic principle of SEO is to increase your presence in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  That means if you’re a shoe company in the Twin Cities, the goal would be to have you appear at the top of a search for ‘Twin Cities shoes’.

Though it might sound simple, the process of optimizing for search engines is complex, in depth, and it doesn’t happen over night.  In other words, SEO is a long-term strategy, but if done correctly, it can have a huge impact on your traffic and web presence.

Here are a few of the strategies our  Minneapolis SEO Agency implements:

    • Keyword Research
    • On-Page Optimization
      • URL Structure
      • Content
      • Site Navigation
      • Titles And Meta Data
    • Off-Site Optimization
      • Link Building
        • Web Directories
        • Social Bookmarking
        • Web 2.0 forum profiles
        • Social blogging sites
        • Article Marketing
        • Industry Related
      • Guest Posting
      • Infographic Creation
    • Localized Optimization
      • Google Place Page Optimization
      • Review Management
    • Website Traffic Metrics
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Landing Page Creation
    • SEO Consultation

It starts will figuring out how people are searching for businesses in your industry.  From there, we build a plan on how to make sure you appear in those searches.  In the end, SEO will not only improve your rankings and increase your online visibility, but it will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Of course, we use the word end loosely.  Search engines are constantly in flux, and because of this, SEO is an ongoing job.

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Email Marketing

Want to connect with potential customers directly in their inbox?  We can make sure you’re sending the right message so that you make the most of your email contacts.

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