Web Development

Behind every great website, there are thousands of lines of beautiful code.

Writing code can get very complex, and it’s not for the faint of heart.  That’s why themes and templates are so attractive to people.  They can offer a functional website without having to know anything about code.

This comes with limitations.  The more you try to change a pre-built theme, the more frustrated you’ll often become as you realize it can’t do everything you want it to do.

That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on web development.  When we can, we build our own product rather than using someone else’s.  It started with building our  in-house framework for WordPress.  It’s called the Radiate Framework, and it acts as a blank slate for our developers to place our custom web designs on top of.

The Radiate Framework is responsive, versatile, and comes with a number of features and shortcuts that our more hands-on clients love to make use of.

But we don’t just stop at WordPress

Our development history includes apps built Ruby on Rails, auction sites that use AJAX, e-commerce stores that operate on the Magento platform, and much more.

Magento is one of the premiere e-commerce platforms out there, and with a capable web developer, you can do just about anything with it.  We have extensive experience in Magento customization.

Looking for a web developer?

If you’re creating something on the internet, whether it’s a website, an app, a store, or something else entirely, you’re going to need an experienced web developer.  With our team, there isn’t much we can’t build.

If you would like a consultation or a quote, don’t hesitate to email us here or give us a call at 952-300-8894.