Why Businesses Should Make Videos (Behind the Scenes)

Does your business do videos?

Because it should.

If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that people will watch videos about anything.  From cute baby tigers meowing to commercials featuring three-armed people, the post internet world loves a solid video.

It’s for this reason that Radiate Digital contracts with videographers.  Didn’t know that?  Contact us and we can make a great video happen for you.

Making the Video

Last week, we made a video for our client Rollx Vans.  It’s actually the second video we done for them.  It was a great experience for us because we got to go behind the scenes to see the inner workings of a wheelchair van company.

It was great for Rollx Vans because it gives them a chance to directly communicate with people.  You may not have known this, but wheelchair vans are a very complex beast.  We could write about their various features all day and you still might not understand what we’re talking about.

But if you’re willing to give two minutes of your time, you can easily see what makes them work.

It’s the reason why the show How It’s Made has been running for 18 seasons.

Because people like to learn about new things.  They like to go behind the scenes.  And video makes it so easy.

Doing it Right

Ever heard of the company Blendtec?  They’re a blender company that has been around since 1975.  No one really cared about them much however till 2006 when they started a YouTube series called “Will it Blend?”  In this show, a host in a lab coat shoves objects such as golf clubs and iPods into a blender to see if it will, in fact, blend.

Today, Blendtec’s YouTube channel has over 100 million views and the company is doing cross promotions with brands such as Doritos.


Because they showed people just what their product can do.  And people love that stuff.

Written by Timothy Snyder
on October 8, 2012