Being an SEO: It’s like Baskin Robbins

Confession time:  I’ve never been to Baskin Robbins.

Does that make me a bad person?  I’m not sure.  It’s really not my fault.  See, I came from a small town in the corner of Iowa.  We didn’t have Baskin Robbins.  We had Dairy Dandy (more commonly referred to as Dirty Dandy).

Dairy Dandy "Dirty Dandy"

She even has a mini golf course out back!

Regardless, the cool hipsters I hang with now have informed me that Baskin Robbins’ thing is their signature “31 flavors”. Back in the day, they started offering 31 flavors which was more than any other major chain offered at the time.  The reason they chose 31 was to provide a different flavor for every day of the month.

It promoted variety and adventure.  Since then, other places have topped the amount of ice-cream flavors (I believe Dirty Dandy had 52 flavors), but the idea remains genius.  Something different for every day.

And as I begin my journey into the world of SEO, I’m starting to think this job is a lot like Baskin Robbins (but friendlier to those who struggle with lactose).

The Ever Widening World Web

I have just been brought on as the “Web Content Specialist” at Radiate Digital here.

Everyone keeps asking me what exactly I do.  It’s a hard question because I’ve honestly done something different every day.  I’ve gone from content writing to web design to link building and everything in between.

It’s like the first day was very vanilla, the second was a bit chocolatey, the third was strawberry, which of course would make day number four Neapolitan.

Much like Baskin Robins, there is continuously something different to try.  Sure,  parts of the cycle will repeat.  Different tasks carry shades of previous tasks.  They tie to the same idea: to guide web traffic to a destination.

Still, it’s a box-of-chocolates type job (you know…”you never know what you’re going to get”).

And that’s kind of why I dig it.

More than Just Vanilla

Some folks need a tight structure in the work place.  They like knowing what to expect during the work day.  They’re trained in, and then they go.  They’re like a machine, occasionally receiving upgrades, but ultimately doing the same task over and over.

They found their favorite flavor, and they don’t need the other 30.

Personally, I kind of love the mystery of each day.  I like it when someone goes “okay, here’s what I need you to do.  I know you’ve never done it before.  Do it anyway.”

My job as it stands right now is the Baskin Robins of jobs.  I’ve had the one flavor jobs.  I’ve maybe even had a 5-10 flavor job.  But right now, I’ve got all 31 flavors.

And that’s the way I like it.


Written by Timothy Snyder
on April 30, 2012