How Much Should a Website Cost?


It’s an interesting thing when you start talking website costs with businesses. We’ve met with people who have pretty terrible websites that they paid a lot of money for. As if they paid for a brand new Audi A3 and ended up with a mid-90’s Geo Metro.

1900 pounds of "nope"

1900 pounds of “nope”

On the other hand, we’ve had meetings with potential clients who want the digital equivalent of a NASA space shuttle, and then scoff at the idea that their dream website is going to cost them more than $1000.

The truth is giving a ballpark price of how much websites should cost is near impossible.

If you walked up to a contractor and asked how much it would cost for them to build you a house, they would not immediately turn to you and say “Oh, a house? That’ll be a flat fee of $100,000.”

They couldn’t possibly give you an accurate quote without asking additional questions.

Where will it be built? How many square feet? What materials should be used? How many bathrooms? How many bedrooms? How many garage stalls? How many horse stalls?

You know, if you’re the equestrian type.


I’m not big on Fords, but Mustangs are alright…

It’s really no different for a website. Especially for businesses. A fully-featured e-commerce site that sells auto-parts internationally is going to be drastically different from a website for a local diner.

Your goals are different. Your needs are different. Your customers are different. And so, the price will be different.

For a custom website, it’s a question of hours

What you’re paying for with a customized website is largely the number of hours it takes to design, develop, populate, etc. There may be the need to buy plugins or extensions. You also need to factor in hosting and domain registration.

But the majority of cost is based on labor and hourly rate.

In theory, if you’re paying a higher hourly rate for your website, you should expect a better website. That doesn’t always turn out to be the case though.

Regardless, a fully featured customized website can be “expensive” in the generic sense. But when weighed against how valuable it can be for modern businesses, it can more than pay for itself.

Cookie-cutter, pre-built, and template websites

If you’re looking to get the most affordable website possible for a flat-ish fee, there are templates and pre-built websites out there you can purchase. Even these have a broad range in pricing.

A template can go from free to $100+. The pricier ones will generally offer more features, customization options, etc.

Even still, you’ll need to buy a domain and host it. Also, if you’re not particularly web savvy, you’ll still need to bring on some professional assistance.

But what if you could know exactly what your website will cost from the start?

Okay, so remember how we said ballpark pricing on a website is darn-near impossible? Well, we weren’t being entirely truthful….

While, we can’t exactly tell you how much a website should cost, we can tell you exactly how much a website from us will cost you.

And that’s including hosting, domain, maintenance, and more!

To make things simple for small businesses, we put together a range of website packages that offer a variety of different features depending on your needs. These packages all have preset prices so you know exactly what you’ll get and what it will cost you.

Oh, and they start as low as $99.

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Written by Timothy Snyder
on July 8, 2016