It’s Time to Abandon Internet Explorer (if You Haven’t Already)

Here at Radiate Digital, we’re big fans of the internet.  It’s where we work.  It’s where we live.

What we’re not such huge fans of is Internet Explorer, specifically 6, 7, and 8.  It’s not that we’re hating on Windows.  Well, my boss Steve does actually have a strong dislike for Windows.  I myself am actually writing this post on a Windows 7 laptop.

The main issue is that Internet Explorer (also known as IE) is inferior.  You may not know this.  I didn’t for a long while.  Then one day, that all changed.

A Tale of Two Browsers

I was a young high school student, sitting at home in front of our family computer, chatting up a storm on MSN Messenger.  Suddenly, one of my friends told me to download this program called “Firefox”.

“Why?” I naively asked.  “I already have Internet Explorer.  Isn’t the internet going to still be the internet either way?”

“Trust me,” my friend said, “Firefox is better”.

A few minutes later and I had Mozilla Firefox installed onto the computer.  It didn’t take much longer to realize I had been missing out.

Not only was it faster, but IT HAD TABS!  Tabs are common place now, but at the time, I had never seen them before.  Until this point, I always had 4 or more internet windows at a time, juggling what I was doing.  Now everything was condensed.

It was one of those features that seemed so obvious, as if the internet was meant to have tabs since its inception.

There were more wonderful little differences between IE and Firefox, but my personal favorite was the “Save & Quit” feature.  I had a tendency to find articles and websites I didn’t have time to read or wanted to come back to later.  If I had ten tabs open, I could close up show and next time I returned, all ten tabs would be ready and waiting.


Eyes Wide Open

I have since moved on from Firefox.  It tended to be a huge resource hog and always wanted to update far more often than anything should have to update (like iTunes).  These days, I use Google Chrome.  I dare say it’s the official browser of Radiate Digital.

It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s simple.  And who doesn’t love Google?

I mean, besides Apple and Facebook.

The important thing in all of this is that you move on from IE (especially 6, 7 and 8).  Not just because it lacks features, but because it might actually ruin your internet viewing.  See, if there is one group of people who truly hate IE, it’s web developers.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this shopping site called Kogan charges a 6.8% tax to people using Internet Explorer 7.  And they aren’t the only not bothering to support outdated IE browsers (just look here).

I don’t know all the technicalities, but essentially, IE 7 (and 8 ) ddoesn’t understand certain types of coding and do a poor job of handling them.

So Where Do I Go from Here?

If you’re using Internet Explorer and want to stick with it, make sure you’re at least using IE 9.  Word on the street it 9 actually isn’t too bad.  But honestly, if you want a better internet experience check out Firefox or Chrome (click here to get Chrome now!).

Or simply Google “best internet browser” and do a little exploring.  Let’s be real, we are continuously spending more time on the internet.  Using an cruddy, outdate browser is only going to cause you to waste time.

What browser do you use?



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Written by Timothy Snyder
on June 25, 2012