Lead Generator for Local Business: Thumbtack

How It Works

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is getting new business, rather, more sales opportunities from new customers/clients.  One place where we’ve seen actual leads being delivered to small businesses is through an online business directory called thumbtack.

ThumbtackThumbtack is a website where you can list your business contact information along with describing the services/products your business provides.  How it works is best described through an example.

A customer in your local area can use the website to find a business providing a specific service, by posting their own job/project requirements.  They can easily navigate through specific business categories to find what they’re looking for for example, business & legal, health & beauty, cars & trucks, etc.  Once they get to the category of business they’re looking for, they can see a list of local service providers and decide from there.  Or simply they just post what they need and specific relative service providers can contact them regarding the project.


I would have to say my favorite feature included is the ability to upload images.  What makes this site unique to other online business directories is its search algorithm, and the fact that you can upload infinite images.  So, for a business like ours where clients judge a lot of our work on visual representation pictures are essential for getting the trust of a new client.

The Cost

Like all for-profit businesses there is a revenue component baked into the thumbtack system.  It works like this,  if a customer finds a business they are interested in pursuing they can request a quote.  The business then gets an email notification and has the option to reply to that request.  In order to reply to the quote, the business must purchase ‘credits’ to do so.  Thumbtack has different sized credit packages that the business can purchase, which range from $11 – $85, depending on the amount of credits purchased.

Does It Work?

Yes, we know this because we set up profiles for clients, thus we see the notifications that come in.  This is just a small part of the SEO services that we provide.  We see people looking and finding local businesses they want to hire.  It’s a great service, that is a very minimal cost.  Perhaps the most beneficial part of this for a small business is that it’s pay-per-performance.

So, for a business that has to closely watch every penny that goes out the door, it only costs you if you actually receive a request for your business and then contact them.  It’s free to have you information available otherwise.

To see an example of what a business profile looks like check our profile out by clicking this: Affordable and Awe-Inspiring Web Design


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Written by Steve Swearengin
on March 15, 2013