LWS Proves that Taxes CAN be Fun!

“Taxes are fun”

– No one ever

Accounting offices tend to have a reputation of being pretty dry and, how shall we say, vanilla.

But LWS Tax isn’t like most tax and accounting firms.  They like to have fun.  They infuse their business with personality.  They make some pretty hilarious YouTube videos….

And they wanted a website that reflected that.

Their old website was like most accounting websites.  Plain and cluttered with an excessive amount of stock images.  As we were beginning the design, they had a photographer come in to shoot some more personable photos.

These pictures, along with bigger spacing and considerably less verbiage, made all the difference in the world.  See for yourself.


LWS   Tax   Accounting Services


LWS   Not Your Typical Accounting Firm

It took a little convincing on our part to get them to run with that main image, but it was worth it.  From the moment you see the site, you know that this accounting firm is different.  They’re real people who like to laugh and have fun like anyone else.

But as you scroll down, you see they know how to get down to business as well.  The website helps them to stand out, but it still successfully conveys what they do.  Ultimately, they were very happy with how the site represented them.

With tax season upon us, everyone is in a mad dash to get their finances sorted out.  If you want some help from highly skilled professionals who won’t bore you to death, you just might want to give LWS Tax & Accounting Services a call.

Did you watch their videos?  Do you have any suggestions for future parodies they could do?  We will gladly pass them on!

Written by Timothy Snyder
on March 18, 2014