The Client:

Agile Office

The Project:

Create a product website based on a specific marketing initiative. The website needed to tell everything worth knowing about the product on the homepage, and ultimately lead to a visitor scheduling a demo. Oh, and they wanted as many elephants as possible.

Show me the Blueprints

Layout was especially important for this one. Not only did we need to finalize the placement of the different pieces, but needed to lock in the content as well.

Once that was done, it was time to bring in the elephants.


Elephants on Parade

The idea behind Agile Office’s brand is that their product balances a heavy burden on a small, easy to use system.

And so, we added some elephants. Our favorite is the scrolling head.

A very clean, forward-thinking website might not sound like it would mix well with elephants, but the end result proved otherwise.


Additional Challenge

Because the website was connected to a specific marketing campaign, the window of time to complete it was very small.

One of the requirements for this project was that the site would be finalized and launched before a specific date.

Predicting when a website will be complete can be a tricky game, but through great communication and hard work, we were able
to get this site up and fully functioning on schedule. The client was very pleased with the end result.


Time to Go Mobile

Since Agile Office is mobile friendly, it would have been a little odd if their website wasn’t.

While the scrolling elephant head sadly doesn’t appear on the mobile version, the rest of the design (and a number of other elephants) show up just fine.

The Agile Office website looks great on any size screen.

About Agile Office

Agile Office a Facilities Management program designed and distributed by BOI Solutions.

With Agile Office, people can track occupancy efficiency, program lighting and environment controls, and schedule meeting/work spaces.

Simple to use, yet surprisingly versatile, Agile Office is the perfect tool for any facility manager.