The Client:

Bended Knee Leadership

The Project:

Build an event driven website that highlights upcoming speakers. Visitors are able to register for the next event directly through the website. Though the events are free, it was important for the client that they could get an estimated head-count for each event.

Building a Brand

For Bended Knee Leadership, we started from scratch. First, we worked with them to develop the logo and colors.

After a number of design phases, we ended up with a log that was simple, clean, and professional. To add a little flavor, the client chose a bold orange combined with a royal purple.


Bringing It All Together

Once the logo and colors were in place, we moved onto the design. It was important that we emphasized what Bended Knee stood for while also highlighting the next event.

To do so, we placed the menubar lower than normal, effectively splitting the “above-the-fold” area in two.

As a way to emphasize the profile images of the speakers, we chose not to use any additional pictures in the design, instead emphasizing specific words that represented the client.


Custom Job

Since Bended Knee Leadership is event based, we had to integrate a registration system. Also, we automated the system so
that once the event was over, a current speaker would automatically transition into the website’s “Past Speakers” section.


Event Creation


Automatic Sorting


Registration Tracking


Newsletter Subscribing


Time to Go Mobile

Bended Knee Leadership is a fully responsive site, allowing visitors to view and register for events while they’re on the go.

About Bended Knee Leadership

Bended Knee Leadership is a faith-based ministry created for Christians in the business world. In addition to holding weekly discussion groups, Bended Knee brings in a special guest speaker once a month to share on their successes as a Christian businessman.