The Client:


The Project:

Build a profile-based event website with the possible to expand social networking functionality in the future.

Sign Up. Have Fun. Make Friends.

Cencup was originally designed to connect empty-nesters and provide them with activities to fill up their new found free time.  When so much of a parents time goes into raising and supporting their children, they often find a serious void in their lives when those children go off to college.

With Cencup, these people can create a profile and register for pre-planned events.  Of course, you don’t have to be an empty nester to meet up.  Cencup is open to all middle-aged couples looking to have some fun.

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Keeping it Simple

The demographic for Cencup isn’t generally the most computer-savvy.  This was a big focus of the creation process from the beginning.  We strove to keep things as self-explanatory and easy to access as possible.  Since the first step is to login or create a profile, that’s the first thing you see.

From there, it’s all about exploring the events.

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A Social Event Experience

Cencup is actually built using a social networking extension called Buddypress.  Buddypress enables visitors to create profiles which they then use to register for events.  This is all heavily customized by us to meet the clients needs.

It was also built with future expansions in mind.

About Cencup

Cencup is an acronym for “connecting empty-nester couples to meet up”.  Though initially developed for empty-nesters, they quickly expanded to meet the needs of all couples looking to get out, get connected, and have some fun.

If you fit that description, create a profile, and register for an event.  You’ll have a great time!