The Client:


The Project:

Keeping Up with the Cool Kids

In recent years, “ridesharing” apps like Uber have taken a serious toll on the taxi business.  Our client, Blue & White Taxi, was looking to show that they could offer the same accessibility and cool-factor as Uber mixed with the consistency, dependability, and established formula of the taxi industry.

So we created branding and a landing page for a new app called Cruz Cab.  And yes, we helped come up with the name too.

Cruz Homepage Wireframe

Taking Your Eyes for a Ride

First and foremost, Cruz had to look as sleek and modern as possible to match up with services like Uber and Lyft.   Yes, “modern” is a very overused design term these days, but in this case, that’s the target we needed to hit.

Big pictures.  Clean fonts.  Pops of vibrant color over black and white.  There’s no denying that Cruz looks brand new.  We’d go as far to say it’s almost the opposite of what people think when they think of taxis.  And really, that’s what we were going for in the first place.

Cruz Homepage


Need a Ride?

Since Cruz is a mobile app, the responsive look was very important.  Ultimately, the landing page looks just as good on a smartphone as it does on a computer screen.

About Cruz Cab

Cruz Cab is an app available on Android and iPhone devices that allows you to find a taxi now or schedule one for later.  Unlike apps like Uber, Cruz allows you to reserve rides for the future and the rates don’t fluctuate during special times.

Cruz is an extension of Blue & White Taxi, one of the leading taxi companies in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  In addition to the actual Blue & White cabs, they also own Rainbow Taxi and ABC Taxi.