The Client:


The Project:

Dem-Con is a waste disposal and recycling company that does things differently. They wanted that showed this while educating visitors about their different processes.

Showing Their Cards

Dem-Con offers a lot of services.  It was important that each was highlighted in their own way without having massive blocks and texts.  We decided to break things up into vertical stacks, using modern long-format pages to tell the story of their business.

dem con wireframes

A Visual Tour

Dem-Con had a lot to show off.  Thankfully, they also had a lot of great, high-quality photos to use.  We emphasized large image areas, using pictures as backgrounds wherever we could.  In addition, almost every page has a unique image header, a feature that’s pre-built into our in-house framework.

The result is a website you see and experience as much as (if not more than) you read.

Dem Con screenshot


Disposal to Go

Residential customers are a big part of Dem-Con’s business.  Often, they simply want to know where to go, what time to be there, and an estimate of what it might cost them.  And more than likely, they want to be able to find that all from their phone.

It was important that Dem-Con’s website wasn’t just responsive, but easy to navigate on a smart device.


About Dem-Con

Dem-Con is a full service recycling, waste-removal, and disposal company located just south of Shakopee, MN.  Their goal is to change the way people think of waste and disposal by educating people and providing a superior means of waste processing.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro, and you’re looking for disposal services, check them out.  They also offer metal recycling.