The Client:

I70 Powersports

The Project:

A brand new e-commerce website geared towards motorsports enthusiasts. Key focuses included brand establishment and cohesive product navigation. The end result is a one stop motorsport shop that looks great and functions even better.

Show me the Blueprints

We started with the wireframe layout, making sure everything was exactly where it needed to be. By looking at the website in its most basic form, without any design elements, we can better determine what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Once we’re satisfied where everything is on each page, we send it to the designer.


Bringing It All Together

I70 sells a lot of different brands, and each of those brands has its own style.
Our challenge was finding a way to bring all of those different brands together in a way that made sense and looked good.

Black is popular among the industry, we chose that as a base. And nothing says motorsports like a little dirt…


Custom Job

With the wide variety of options available on their products, I70 needed quite a bit of custom development done.

This included:


Custom Product Sorting


Tiered Option Selection


Rotating Product Images


Social Media Sharing


Time to Go Mobile

Since motorsport fans are always on the move, they should be able to access their favorite store from anywhere. The I70 website is fully responsive, automatically adjusting to any smartphone or tablet visitors might be browsing on.

No matter what they’re viewing the site on, the design stays in tact, making sure they’re still seeing a great looking store.

About I70 Powersports

I70 Powersports is a well established motorsports store located in Springfield, OH. They provide everything from ATVs and dirt bikes to apparel and protective gear and everything in between.

I70 sells motorsports gear because they love everything that is motorsports. Whether you’re looking to buy or simply want to talk shop, stop by for a visit or go to their store online. They would love to connect with you.