The Client:


The Project:

Build an attractive yet informative website to promote a brand new, "game-changing" product.

Changing the game

Built by logistics professionals for logistics professionals, MyGameChanger™ is a cloud-based shipping solution.  With MyGameChanger, companies can access all of their shipping data from one dashboard.

MGC Portfolio Wireframes

The design you’ve only dreamed of….

For this website, branding was incredibly important.  MyGameChanger is a product of logistics company King Solutions.  King has a very established brand, and they wanted to make sure that MyGameChanger stayed within that brand while establishing its own identity.

MGC Homepage Screenshot


Room to breathe


Spacing is very present on this website.  With the large, screen-filling images and a fair amount of padding between line breaks, MyGameChanger’s design has the visitor focus on one thing at a time.  We wrote catchy lines to engage the mind and draw the visitor in.

Each page also has a subtle navigation arrow placed within the design of the site.  A simple click or press of the finger, and the visitor is brought down the page automatically, whether its on mobile or desktop.

About MyGameChanger™

Developed by King Solutions, MyGameChanger™ is a cloud-based freight management system for truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation data, providing insight into all current and historical freight activity from any service provider.