The Client:

Reprographic Technology

The Project:

An informative and attractive Wordpress site built to integrate with a future e-commerce website.

Laying It Out

Flow of information was very important to Reprographic.  They were planning on tying the website to an online store, so they wanted users to be able to quickly get to that area.  However, they also wanted to display information about themselves, their products, and the various services they could provide.

It was very important that visitors saw them as a reputable company that knew what they were talking about.


A Splash of Color

Reprographic’s colors are two shades of blue and white.  However, working in the printing industry, they really wanted to inject a little CMYK into the mix without going full on rainbow.

It took a few tries, going from being too plain to overly kaleidoscopic, but we were able to find a great balance that they were happy with.

Reprographic Technology screenshot


Made to Go

Floor managers at print shops are often moving around with a tablet or smartphone rather than carrying a full-size computer with them.  Because of that, mobile responsiveness was a must.

Well, that and the fact that everyone should have a responsive site these days.

The Reprographic site looks great no matter device you’re viewing it from.  The branding remains, the screen rearranges, and the viewer is able to simply browse.

About Reprographic Technology

Reprographic Technology is an international distributor of inks and parts for commercial and high-speed printers.  In addition to supplying parts, they’ve entered the manufacturing circuit in recent years with their high-speed Vortex printers, powered by Memjet technology.