The Client:

Simon Kenton Inn

The Project:

Design a website that matches the historical elegance of this well known Ohio locale. Simon Kenton Inn caters to both big events and casual meet-ups. Oh, and they actually cater too. It was important to give proportionate attention to the different aspects of their business. The final product is a website with an old-fashioned charm where visitors can book stays, events, view dinner and drink menus, and learn a little more about this historic place.

Show me the Blueprints

There was a lot of important information the homepage needed to get across.
What went where was decided in the wireframe stage.

First, it needed to show the main building, a phone number, and a quick description. It also needed an area that could feature upcoming news and events.

Lastly, it needed separate gateways for the different groups it offers services for.


Bringing It All Together

It took a few drafts before we nailed the look and feel the client wanted. As with all of our clients, we are always prepared to make as many revisions as it takes until our client loves their website.

We were able to incorporate a number of photos from Simon Kenton Inn into the actual website, giving visitors a proper glimpse of what they can expect.


The Highlights

While most of Simon Kenton Inn’s needs were design based, there was a considerable amount of content to manage. The previous website was a little jumbled when it came to navigation.

We helped them sort things out a bit.


Restaurant Menus


Picture Tours


Event Announcements


Built to Scale

The number of people looking for restaurants and accommodations on mobile devices is skyrocketing. With all the content on Simon Kenton Inn’s website, it was crucial that everything was present and scaled accordingly on tablets and phones.

About Simon Kenton Inn

Simon Kenton Inn is an historic pub, restaurant, and inn. Whether you’re looking for a place to get away for the weekend or you simply want to grab a few drinks with some close friends, Simon Kenton Inn is a great location.

They also provide a variety of event spaces and a robust catering menu. Make sure you check out their “tree houses” too.