The Client:


The Project:

Build a complex software platform using a LEMP stack and Laravel that connects people to Christian mental Health professionals. Features include a session/job management system, private chat, and much more.

Powerful, Yet Intuitive

From the beginning, Torrch was designed to provide a simpler, more effective way to find local help. First time visitors needed to understand exactly what they had to do to join Torrch and get connected with a counselor that met their needs.

While we always place emphasis on UX and UI design, these elements would make or break the Torrch platform. Careful thought went into the layout and flow of each page, resulting in custom, highly-detailed wireframes for every single part of the process.

It took some extra upfront work, but the end results were worth it.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Service-based platforms aren’t exactly known for being attractive. A busy, dated look would confuse (or worse, drive away) visitors. Torrch’s design needed to be inviting. Clean, yet friendly. Simple, but engaging.

To keep on brand, we stuck primarily to two shades of blue, with the occasional orange when a strong accent was needed.

About Torrch

Torrch is a website platform we built from the ground up using a LEMP stack and Laravel. The continually growing list of features includes a session/job management system, private chat, a multi-level user/provider feature set, subscription payment integration, Facebook friend integration through API, a provider review system, a credit/bid system, public profiles, and more.

We built Torrch with growth and scaling in mind, allowing it meet the ever-evolving needs of its users.