The Client:

Wooddale Church

The Project:

Create a custom website for a multisite church that reflected their identity while making it simple for visitors to find current information.

Mapping Out the Details

Before any design or coding was done, there needed to be a clear understanding of what this website had to do. After all, Wooddale has over 5500 members spread across multiple locations.

Information needed to be clearly organized, easily accessible, and when necessary, filtered based on geographical location.

We worked directly with their staff to map out the vision for what this website would become.

A Modern Website for the Modern Church

It was important that the design represent the diverse audience that makes up Wooddale Church, conveying traditional roots with a contemporary aesthetic. Though not seen in the image below, we also provided consultation and coordination for the promotional video featured on the live homepage.

One Church, Multiple Locations

With three primary locations (not to mention a number of microsites), specific information needed to be relayed to distinct audiences. Not only did each of the main campuses receive their own customized landing page, but they also have their own filtered events.

Members and visitors can conveniently know what’s happening around them no matter which location they attend.

Good on the Go

For today’s church, mobile functionality isn’t just a necessity; it’s a top-priority.

Everything had to function just as well on a phone or tablet as it did on a computer screen. From design layout to sermon streaming and beyond, mobile was kept in mind for each step of the process.

The end result is a frustration-free browsing experience, no matter what type of device you’re using.

About Wooddale Church

Wooddale Church traces it roots back to April 1943 with the founding of Wayside Chapel. Since then, Wooddale has grown across the Twin Cities metro area, expanding to three primary campuses and four microsites.

Additionally, they’ve helped launch nine daughter churches which operate independently.

For more information, make sure to visit their website here.