[April Fools] Radiate Digital Gets Acquired by Google

It’s official.

Radiate Digital has achieved the dream of every technology/development/design company out there:

We’re being acquired by Google!

Yes, that Google.

In addition to creating  amazing products and platforms such as Gmail, Chrome, Android, and well, Google.com, Google is known for absorbing up-and-coming businesses and bringing them under their wing.

Radiate Digital will soon be joining the ranks of YouTube and Blogger as an official Google owned brand.

(WIP Logo)

Now, you may have a few questions as to what this means for our company, for yourselves, and for all of the work we do.  So we thought we’d step back from celebrating long enough to give you a few answers.

Was This the Plan All Along?

Yes.  Yes it was.

Like most tech and design based companies, Steve founded Radiate with the soul intention of one day being purchased by Google.  Now that the dream has come true, he is selling off some of his newly acquired Google shares to purchase a small island near Thailand, his mother’s home country.

If you have trouble reaching Steve over the next few weeks/months/years, well, now you know why.

How Did it Happen?

We first caught Google’s attention when we got several of our clients to number 1 in various Google searches.  After that, they began watching us, contemplating if they should bring us in before we shared our search engine marketing secrets with others.

It was then that they discovered we also do web design and branding. Once they realized we offered the best of both marketing and cutting edge design, they knew they had to have us.

What Does this Mean for Our Clients?

Things are about to get even better than they were before.



Is Radiate Digital Doing Any Direct Work for Google?

As a matter of fact, yes, we will be creating some in house stuff for Google itself.  The first project on our plate?  Redesigning the famous Google homepage.  It’s a pretty big deal.  In fact, when we informed one of our designers about the project, he had a heart attack.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Bojan’s family as he recovers in the hospital.  Doctors say he will be on his feet by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, we’ve started on the homepage without him.  We probably shouldn’t be showing this, but check out what we have so far:


We know, we know.

It’s pretty radical.

But frankly, we believe the world is ready for a bolder, brighter Google.

Adding color to the buttons will completely revolutionize the way people search.  And if we’re being honest, most everyone has forgotten that “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is even there.

We’re a little surprised Google didn’t already think of this, but if they did, we suppose they wouldn’t have needed to acquire us.

Moving Forward

We appreciate your patience as we go through this major branding transition.  We will continue to work on all of our active projects just as before.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Or you can always share them in the comment section below.

We hope you are as excited for us and we are for ourselves.

What do you think of the big acquisition?  Are you surprised? Elated? Let us know below!

(*note: this story is our first ever April Fools joke.  We hope you enjoyed it!)

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Written by Timothy Snyder
on April 1, 2014