SEOmoz is Now Moz: Is SEO Dead?


SEO is dead.  At least that’s what they’re saying.  And they’ve been saying it for a while now.

Then again, people like to throw around big, bold statements like this to get attention.   Biased journalism, as they say, gets more page views, social shares, etc.  But just like the newspapers that once published “Dewey Defeats Truman” the night before President Truman was reelected, fanatical claims such as “SEO is dead” are often premature and inaccurate.

But in this instance, something happened last week that might truly mean  the end of SEO, at least as we knew it.

From the Ashes, a Rebranded Phoenix Rises

About a week ago, SEOmoz, the company that practically wrote the book on modern day search engine optimization, announced that they were officially changing their name to Moz.  Included with this announcement was a complete rebranding of their website, company image, social media, and everything in between.  Going to now takes you directly to

SEOmoz is now Moz

How in the world did they get the domain “”?  And how much did they pay for it?  The world may never know the answer to these questions.  What we do know is this:

The term SEO has been removed from quite a bit of their copy and verbiage.  It wasn’t just taken out of their name.  It was taken out of what they do, and who they are.

In its place is the term “inbound marketing”.

Inward Bound

Inbound marketing isn’t a new concept, even to Moz.  In many ways, inbound marketing has always been the reason for SEO in the first place.  But as inbound marketing has grown and evolved, SEO has become a smaller part of a greater whole.

The new Moz breaks down inbound marketing into four pieces:

  • Search
  • Brand
  • Content
  • Social

It’s less about tricking the system into sending you consumers your way and more about giving them a reason to come.  Once they’re there, it’s about giving them a reason to stay.  And once they’ve stayed a while, you need to give them a reason to tell other people.

You need to give them something to remember you by.

Forget complex algorithms and behind the scenes link exchanges.   This is a more TRANSPARENT way of doing business.  It’s a BETTER way of doing marketing.  And it’s most definitely a GOOD thing.

So is SEO Dead or Not?

As a principle? No. It’s place is smaller perhaps, but still significant.

Is the term SEO itself going extinct?


But even so, it will take a few years for it to truly wash out.  If it does disappear altogether, we’re fine with that.  SEO was always a confusing term in the first place.  Even people in search of SEO services didn’t know what it was called half the time.  And for people who had heard of it, it often brought considerable baggage with it.

Personally, we prefer inbound marketing.  It’s a better representation of who we are as a Marketing Agency.  Concepts like brand, search, content, and social fit perfectly into web design.  And they bring about better results.  That’s why Moz is focusing on those areas.  That’s why Radiate Digital is focusing on those areas.

Feel free to join us.

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Written by Timothy Snyder
on June 4, 2013