Six Outdated Features that Really Shouldn’t Be on Your Website

bad trendsIn the world of fashion, trends from decades past are constantly making comebacks.

In the world of web design, what’s from the past should really stay in the past. Because if we’re truly being honest, we’d really love to forget some things that were trendy when personal and professional websites started popping up left and right.

That being said, it’s safe to say some websites are still using a few outdated trends that we’d classify as cringe-worthy.

To make sure your website doesn’t fall into this category, here’s our list of features that shouldn’t go live when your new website does.

Intro Pages

Or, animated intro pages to be exact.

Your audience is looking to interact with you in as few clicks as possible. So, most people find intro pages to be an annoying waste of their time.

Additionally, people with a slower connection speed or who are connecting to your website from a mobile device will have a hard time loading this page.

Background Music

This is most often seen from photography websites. It might seem like a nice personal touch but, the majority of internet browsing audiences finds background music annoying.

Not listening

First, what you play can conflict with the tastes of your audience, second it can compete with what is playing on the user’s own device, and lastly it really slows down the load speed of your website.

Bright Text on Dark Backgrounds

While this trend may not be more than a decade old, just remember back to how long it took your eyes to adjust back to a normal screen after reading blocks of brightly colored text on a dark screen. None of us really want that kind of eye strain again.

outdated fontsPlus, nothing screams early Myspace days like white or neon text on a black background.

Ridiculous Fonts

Choosing a bad font can almost be as detrimental to your reader’s eyes as using bright text colors on a dark background. We suggest staying away from outdated fonts such as Comic Sans, Papyrus and those extremely curvy cursive typefaces that no one can read anyway.

Gif Animations

We still laugh at silly .gif animations, and heck, we share them with our friends when they’re really funny. But, using them as part of your website will not only make your website look outdated, but they’ll make your load speeds feel outdated, too.


Stock Photos

Everyone has used a stock photo at one time or another. The key here is to not use super obvious stock photos that are being used all over the Internet.

Better yet, don’t use them at all and host a photo shoot to take new, exciting and fitting images for your website.

A Final Note

Lastly, we’d like to leave you with the perfect example website (yes, it’s still a live website) of what not to do for your new site.

At the time (in the mid-90s), we’re sure this website was costly to make and right on trend. Thankfully, those trends are ones we’re leaving in the past. You can take a look at it here.

What outdated features do you still see on the internet?  What’s your least favorite thing to see on a website?  Share below!

Written by Staff at Radiate
on June 17, 2014