Small Businesses that Rock at Facebook

Everyone wants to know the key to success for a business page to thrive on Facebook. Truth is, there’s no one way that’s right or wrong. Different tactics will work for different types of businesses.

So, even if you post the exact same content as your biggest competition is posting (which we don’t recommend doing in the first place) chances are you won’t have the same outcome, because your audiences will differ. In the end it’s all about connecting with your target market in a way that will not only reach them, but pull them in for further engagement.

While there is no algorithm for success, there are specific actions you can take towards using a Facebook business page to its fullest potential. Here’s our list of small businesses that rock at Facebook and a peek into what they’re doing to connect with their customers.

Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant (

brendans irish pub and restaurant

Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Camarillo, California uses their fan page as a way to post information about upcoming events, share images of their food and drinks, and also their culture. One way this small business stands out above the rest is by sharing customer stories. They do this as a way to highlight their loyal customers and really treat them like they’re part of the Brendan’s family.

Dog Pack Snacks (

dog pack snacks

Dog Pack Snacks is a company that sells snacks for dogs that are healthy and made with wholesome ingredients. They use their company page to connect with dog lovers by sharing information about their products, fun dog owner quotes and pictures of dogs in need of rescue. In addition, this brand stands out by utilizing Facebook’s applications to give users a way to order products quickly and sign up for exclusive deals and promotions.

Primp Boutique (

primp boutique

Primp is a women’s retail clothing boutique with three locations in the Twin Cities metro. They use Facebook as a way to promote their products and interact with their customers. Primp’s image posts are better than the rest because their stylists post new outfits and trends a few times daily. Each style post includes which store carries those specific pieces, so their customers know exactly where to go to get it. Plus, they do a great job of answering customer questions regarding sizes and even offer to hold items for interested fans.

Piggies and Paws (

piggies and paws

Piggies and Paws uses their Facebook page to engage with current, future and returning customers who are interested in their product. They pair their customers with artists that create art prints of children’s hands and feet. Due to the unique nature of their employees and customers being spread out across the country, they use Facebook as a tool for helping their customers stay informed. Fans can use their applications to find an artist near them or subscribe to their email newsletter. Another way they stand out is by sharing videos that highlight their products and explain the process of working with their artists.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings (

kitchen cabinet kings

Kitchen Cabinet Kings uses Facebook with an all around branding perspective that showcases their business as royalty. They use a cartoon King as their mascot and a castle icon for their landing page. What stands out about this is customers will attribute their brand with fun and think that a kitchen renovation will be fun, too.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite small businesses on Facebook? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Staff at Radiate
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