Small Businesses that Rock at Google+

google plus

Regular social media use is becoming more and more important for brands and especially for small businesses. It’s common that you’ll see a brand start using Twitter and Facebook first because they’re the most used social channels. However, many brands ignore Google+ because it is not viewed as “popular.” But, if you want your brand to succeed in the social media space, you should consider G+ one of your greatest assets.

Why use G+?
G+ allows you to join communities, interact with potential customers and share content that will help people who are researching your company learn more about your business. Not only that, but G+ is an asset for helping your business show up closer to the top in Google’s local search results and it allows customers review your company.

Now that we’ve established why we should be using G+, here are a few small businesses that you can model your page after and why we think they rock at Google+.

This startup is relatively new to G+, but they’re already sharing tons of great content including behind the scenes photos and what they’re up to around their area.

What we love about this G+ page is how they’re frequently sharing customer reviews of their product. Plus, their suggestions for mixes that include images are incredibly eye-catching.

Employee Development Systems
This small business didn’t skimp on sharing their story. Their about page is very detailed and gives future customers a multitude of ways to get in touch with them. They also do a great job using their page to share website content with their circles.

Nice Carvings
We love the attention this page gives to the business’ custom creations. They use their online real estate to showcase their work and they’ll find success in bringing in new business just by sharing what they’ve done for their customers.

Did we miss any of your favorite small businesses?

Written by Staff at Radiate
on August 30, 2013