Small Businesses that Rock at LinkedIn

For the final post in our small businesses that rock at social media series, we’re looking at the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn has more than 238 million members worldwide that companies and employees can connect with.


LinkedIn offers company pages where businesses can post job openings, their services, products, an extensive about us section and updates on what’s happening with their business. What’s more important is company pages are a place where prospective employees can research a company more in-depth.

So, what does it take to rock at a LinkedIn company page? We found a few small businesses that are succeeding with their company pages. Here’s a quick peek at what they’re doing.

New Directions (
Having a detailed about us section will not only allow potential customers and employees find your company page, but it will share the best possible information with people researching your company. New Directions does a great job of outlining their business practices, services and steps for working with them. Anyone researching this company specifically or seeking services in their industry will know exactly what they’re in for.

Grasshopper (
Just like it is with other social channels, the image you choose for your company page is valuable advertising space. Grasshopper uses their image as a way to connect with potential customers. They use emotion as a way to get to a deeper level with page viewers in those first few seconds and make them want to stay and learn more.

Trium Group (
As with other social networking applications, updates are incredibly important. LinkedIn allows companies to share updates about their business with their page followers. Trium Groups is great at posting frequent and varied updates. As with their example, varying your posts between articles, images and videos will help reach a broader audience, especially since different people will click on different types of media.

Play First, Inc. (
Last but not least, we came across the company page for Play First, Inc. They were one small business that took advantage of two important features. First, they have a vanity URL that includes the name of their business. This not only helps with branding, but it helps with SEO efforts, as well. They also use the online real estate provided by the products tab and list all of the applications they have available.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite small businesses on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Staff at Radiate
on September 9, 2013